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The six strands of the primary school P.E. curriculum are: Athletics, Aquatics, Dance, Games, Gymnastic and Outdoor and Adventure. The P.E. curriculum is allocated one hour a week on the timetable. Discretionary time is also used for P.E.



Games are a particularly important strand in our school. We focus on teaching the essentials skills for games and classes participate in a wide variety of games during P.E. lessons. These include Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Rounders and Dodgeball. Many of these games are also played during yard games at break times.



Athletics focuses on the strands of Running, Jumping, Throwing and Understanding and Appreciating Athletics. The pitch and schoolyard are utilised to teach this strand and the children particularly enjoy participating in a variety of Athletics activities.



Gymnastics is taught in the school hall. External coaches come to the school each year to teach the strands of Gymnastics to each class level from Junior Infants to 6th class.



We implement the Dance strand in different ways throughout the year. Dance has been prioritised as the strand we wish to develop this year across the school through the Creative School’s project.


Outdoor and Adventure

In this strand we focus on Orienteering, Outdoor Challenges, Walking and Understanding and Appreciation of Outdoor and Adventure activities. The children love participating in these activities.



This year, during the School Closure the children learned about water safety (PAWS programme) – which examined lots of different places where we need to be aware of water safety - at the beach, near rivers, lakes, canals and even on the farm!

We are very fortunate to be located within walking distance to the Portarlingon Leisure Centre. Each year they very kindly allow us access to the pool in April and May, so the pupils from 3rd-6th class attend swimming classes for a block of 6 weeks each year.


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